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Electromagnetic Fields

We measure all four man-made electromagnetic fields (EMF) commonly found within the home. We compare our measurements to the Building Biology™ standards we are seeking, and we reduce, eliminate, or create a plan for mitigation.

AC Electric Fields

Electric fields (EF) are nearly impossible to avoid, as they are inherent to electricity and freely extend through the Romex wiring so commonly used in the United States. Our goal is to eliminate or drastically reduce EF in the sleeping area. Using two methods of measurement, we will identify the offending circuits that need to be turned off at night. We'll create a before and after bed map, and we'll label the breakers that should be flipped or connected to a remote cutoff. 


AC Magnetic Fields


When an area of a room has a continuous, ambient magnetic field (MF), it is of concern. If this occurs, we want to identify the source. A wiring error can cause a high magnetic field. Having current on a grounded water line can also produce a magnetic field. Unfortunately, even being too close to power lines can cause a magnetic field. Most sources of magnetic fields can be mitigated, though it typically requires the expertise of a qualified electrician or plumber. When a magnetic field is found, but cannot be corrected, it is recommended to relocate. 

Dirty Elecricity or Microsurge Electrical Pollution

Electricity can be viewed as a smooth, 60hz sine wave. However, when certain appliances or devices need to regulate voltage, it puts microsurge electrical pollution (MEP aka dirty electricity DE) along this wave, traveling along the wires and extending out into the room. Rather than the smooth sine wave, we now have jagged and furry peaks that add stress to major appliances, reduce energy efficiency, and often create worsening symptoms for those with EHS (electromagnetic hypersensitivity). Common sources of MEP are solar panels, pool pumps, dimmer switches, LED light bulbs, chargers, and HE washing machines - really, anything with switch mode power supplies or variable speed motors. Unfortunately, dirty electricity can come from neighboring homes, as well, traveling along power lines. MEP is quite complicated. It involves measuring with multiple meters, and because each home's electrical frequency is different, the solution for mitigation is also unique each time. We do our best to eliminate this field, but usually we have to adopt the philosophy that a significant reduction is better than no or little reduction.


Among the highest frequencies on the EMF spectrum, radiofrequency (RF) enables communication between wireless devices. Common sources of radiofrequency that we find in homes come from: smart meters, nearby cell phone towers, wireless routers, cordless phones, baby monitors, laptops, tablets, and all bluetooth devices. Many strategies can reduce RF, however, the best strategy is removing, reducing use, and distancing! We measure RF that is coming from both outside the home and from within. Measuring in power density, we usually find that home owners create more RF from indoor sources than what comes from their smart meter or nearby cell towers. We are excited to educate, offering solutions to allow families to stay connected without the use of these radiofrequencies.


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