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EMF Assessments in East TN

what we do

We provide EMF Home Inspections! We measure Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) in homes, businesses, and schools. 

what we provide

We provide a full report of findings with recommendations and a mitigation plan

what are the benefits?

We know that less EMF means less oxidative stress, biologically. Many clients also sleep better, feel better, and live healthier.


using the
art & science of

building biology
to create
life-promoting homes & buildings

Why Evergreen? We see the evergreen tree as a symbol of life, keeping its foliage green and full of life, even in the darkest and coldest of winters. Although its surroundings have withered, it maintains its vitality.

It's more than green; it's life. At Evergreen, we understand that homes should be more than going green; they should be life-promoting. We take a deep dive into the science of EMF - measuring, identifying, and mitigating sources of EMF in the places your family sleeps, sits, and lives the most. Focusing especially on sleeping areas, we want to bring your EMF levels down to Building Biology guidelines, allowing your body to rest more, recover better, and live healthier. 


Whether you're health conscious or EHS, you can trust that we will assess and offer solutions for the EMF within your home or business.

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